Business Services

The Desert/Mountain SELPA Business Division was organized to provide and coordinate fiscal and MIS support both internally and to participating Local Education Agencies (LEAs), including LEA Charter School Members and the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools as the authorizing unit (AU) of the SELPA. It is our goal to provide services effectively, efficiently and in the high quality that is expected from the Desert/Mountain SELPA.

The Business Division provides fiscal and budget management services to coordinate and monitor the receipt, distribution and proper utilization of federal, state and local funds for special education in the desert region. Some of the services provided are highlighted below:

  • Budget development, analysis, review, oversight and reporting;
  • Preparation and publication of the Annual Budget and Annual Service Plans;
  • Preparation, submission and enforcement of the State Maintenance of Effort (MOE) regulations and process;
  • Development of funding models, policies and procedures for distribution of revenues to districts and the County;
  • Analysis of legislation and fiscal issues related to education;
  • Interpreting regulations and conducting workshops on reporting requirements;
  • Consulting services to school districts on budget and accounting issues related to education;
  • Development and interpretation of statistical and financial information for school districts;
  • Assistance to districts in preparing and reviewing State and Federal reports;
  • Preparation of long-term financial and statistical forecasts and trend analysis;
  • Representation of the Desert/Mountain SELPA on State level committees and task forces;
  • Processing and tracking of all financial transactions related to SELPA business, due process, Nonpublic School/Nonpublic Agency (NPS/NPA) contracts;
  • Medi-Cal billing for eligible services provided by the SELPA and the Desert/Mountain SELPA Children's Center (DMSCC) in the desert region

For more information, please contact our office at (760) 552-6700

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