Transition Partnership Program (TPP)

The Transition Partnership Program (TPP) is designed to support special education students in our community as they move from the school system into the adult world.

Prior to placement, students participate in a job-readiness class. Areas of readiness training include: personal portfolio assistance; workplace etiquette; productive work habits; job maintenance skills; and awareness of employer expectations.

A partnership between the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), Desert/Mountain Special Education Local Plan Area, and Local School Districts.

*Teacher information: referral packets include: directions to complete referral packet; student Application Information Sheet; Letter to Parent regarding participation in TPP; Parents/Student Permission Slip/Release; Department of Rehabilitation Consent to Release Non-Medical Personal/Confidential Information; Notification of the Information Practices Act of 1977 and Statement of Nondiscrimination; Notice/Reminder to Students; and Steps for Obtaining a Work Permit.