The administering agency of the D/M SELPA is the CAHELP JPA acting through its Governance Council. The Governance Council is comprised of representatives from the D/M SELPA, D/M Charter SELPA, and the D/M Children's Center.

The Governance Council is empowered to establish or to participate in the establishment of a system for determining the responsibility of member agencies for the education of each individual with exceptional needs and to designate an administrative entity to perform such regionalized functions as the receipt and distribution of all SELPA funds and provisions of administrative support, and coordination of the implementation of the Local Plan for the education of children with exceptional needs, and to undertake such ancillary and related programs as determined by the Governance Council. The Governance Council determines all policy matters for the CAHELP JPA.

Policies governing the D/M SELPA are adopted by the CAHELP JPA Governance Council and are included as part of the Local Plan. The CAHELP JPA Governance Council reviews the D/M SELPA Local Plan and recommends modifications as necessary.

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