Behavioral Health Counseling - Screening Assessment Referral & Treatment (SART)

Behavioral Health Counseling | SART Program (Ages 0-6)

The Screening Assessment Referral and Treatment (SART) program utilizes a team of highly qualified professionals to screen, assess, refer, and treat a child. San Bernardino County has collaboratively developed a program designed for children birth to six years of age who may have been prenatally exposed to drugs, alcohol, and/or violence. The SART program also addresses concerns with children experiencing behavior problems and difficulties maintaining appropriate behaviors in preschool settings and the child's home. The SART program offers a comprehensive screening process, assessment, and appropriate referrals to excellent treatment to improve overall functioning of the child. The Desert/Mountain Children's Center (DMCC) provides medication support and management upon referral from the treating therapist to the DMCC medical doctor.



  • Complete the SART Referral for Behavioral Health Services form (DMCC 100B) with as much information as possible and obtain the signatures of the parent/guardian and the school administrator.


Timeline for Assessment

Upon receipt of the completed SART Referral for Behavioral Health Services form (DMCC 100B), the DMCC will contact the parent/guardian by letter and send the Ages and Stages Questionnaire: Social Emotional in order to gather more information regarding the parent/guardian's concerns. A DMCC Clinical Nurse will be assigned to contact the parent/guardian and provide case management throughout the assessment process.


  • Forward the completed SART Referral for Behavioral Health Services form (DMCC 100B) to the attention of the Director of the DMCC.


Timeline for Services

  • If services are not deemed appropriate, the referral will be closed.
  • If services are deemed appropriate, a clinician will be assigned and services will begin.
  • The DMCC provides a monthly report to the directors of special education. The report includes a list of students who are currently served by the DMCC as well as an update for each referral that is in process.

For more information, please contact our office at (760) 552-6700